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Evaluate Your Book for Adaptation to Film

Our readers are screenwriters who understand how to adapt a book for film and producers who are looking for content to develop. We score the VISUAL, DIALOGUE, PLOT, PACING and CHARACTER elements of your work on a ten-point scale with 10 being the best score per element. A perfect score is 50 points. We  multiply the score by 2 for an overall 100-point score.  A written commentary about each category will provide additional insights.


An overall score of 75 or above lists your work on our “Recommend Book-to-Film” which we make available to content executives in the film industry. Your book cover will appear on our site for promotional purposes.


Your published book is eligible. We cannot evaluate unpublished manuscripts. Our one-time fee covers a full read of one fictional work for an evaluation of the story’s readiness for adaptetion to film.

Adaptation of your Book to Film

  • Book-to-Film Option

    Submit your fictional work for consideration
    Valid for 3 months
    • Evaluation of your FICTIONAL WORK for Book-to-Film Option
    • GENRES: Humor, Mystery, Drama, Historical, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
    • Young Adult, Juvenile,