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Above the Clouds

Nightengale Press

From Books to Film

Our Mission is to bring great NEW stories to life on screen
Even an old book is new if you haven't read it!
Every famous author was once an unknown writer. 
If we could read the life stories of everyone who ever lived,
then we'd have the only true history of the world.

In the span of nearly 20 years, Nightengale Press published 170 titles for authors all over the United States and in Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom. As a small, solo book publisher, offering editing, layout and design, cover art, website design and marketing advice, Valerie soon discovered that the talent pool in the literary world is wide and deep, although the household-name authors are actually few and far between by comparison. Nightengale Press produced award-winning writing and design and Amazon best-sellers in their niche categories. Nightengale Press grew to the production output of a medium-sized publishing house about six years into the profession. 


The unseen genius of authors who stand back in the shadows is where we found often brilliant tales in fiction as novels and in humor and story-twisting short story collections, which all came together in a robust library of good reads.

We begin here. And, we look toward the future with optimism and confidence that people will always be writing to tell their stories and that filmmakers will always be finding great stories from talented authors to bring to the screen.

Are you a published author?

Do you dream of seeing your characters on the big screen?

How do you know your stories are ready?

We offer you a comprehensive and easy way

to get your fictional novel or short story collection evaluated. 


Visit the Optioned for Film page to see the titles

we've already got on board. Read the story descriptions there.

Then, go to Plans and Pricing to submit your work for evaluation.


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