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Above the Clouds

Book Publishing


NIGHTENGALE PRESS celebrates its 20th year publishing books across the USA and abroad. 

We work one-on-one with authors to produce fully edited publishing-ready manuscripts,

design covers, illustrate children's books, and develop a marketing plan. 

We work exclusively with INGRAM CONTENT GROUP:

Lightning Source for Print Books and Ingram Spark for Ebooks

We work exclusively with

to provide eCommerce Author Websites

HYBRID PUBLISHING IN 2023 and onward...

Hybrid publishing companies behave just like traditional publishing companies in all respects, except that they publish books using an author-subsidized business model, as opposed to financing all costs themselves and, in exchange, return a higher-than-industry-standard share of sales proceeds to the author. A hybrid publisher makes income from a combination of publishing services and book sales.

Although hybrid publishing companies are author-subsidized, they are different from other author-subsidized models (i.e., self-publishing service providers) in that hybrid publishers adhere—without exception—to IBPA's Hybrid Publisher Criteria. Regardless of who pays for editorial, design, and production fees, it is always the publisher that bears responsibility for producing, distributing, and ultimately selling professional-quality books.


IBPA's Hybrid Publisher Criteria includes the following list of expectations, which all hybrid publishers are expected to meet:

  • Define a mission and vision for its publishing program.

  • Vet submissions.

  • Commit to truth and transparency in business practices.

  • Provide a negotiable, easy-to-understand contract for each book published.

  • Publish under its own imprint(s) and ISBNs.

  • Publish to industry standards

  • Ensure editorial, design, and production quality.

  • Pursue and manage a range of publishing rights.

  • Provide distribution services.

  • Demonstrate respectable sales.

  • Pay authors a higher-than-standard royalty.


IBPA's Hybrid Publisher Criteria points to functions that a reputable hybrid publisher is expected to perform. It’s up to each hybrid publishing company to figure out, and explain, how it performs each function. An author-subsidized business model in no way relieves a publisher of its editorial, design, marketing, sales, and distribution responsibilities.

Nightengale Press is a proud member of:

Above the Clouds


LIGHT Copy Editing

Detailed Proofreading

15 Free Author's copies



Detailed Proofreading

20 Free Author's copies


GHOSTWRITING the book, which means to write an original manuscript or rewrite the author’s original manuscript for the author to its highest potential both as a literary work and as a marketable work, while also providing complete accuracy in grammar, spelling, syntax and usage.

Detailed Proofreading

50 Free Author's copies

Conversion to eBook for the iPad, Kindle, Kobo and 60 additional global channels.

An eCommerce author's website for all the author's titles published by Nightengale Press.


MEDIUM Copy Editing

Detailed Proofreading

20 Free Author's copies



Detailed Proofreading

35 Free Author's copies

Conversion to eBook for the iPad, Kindle, Kobo and 60 additional global channels.

An eCommerce author's website for all the author's titles published by Nightengale Press.




These services are available as add-ons for Basic, Deluxe and Premium Packages if desired. Quoted separately.

Packages in a nutshell.

Trade Hardcover and Trade Paperback

We work one-on-one with our authors during weekly 2-hour editing sessions by phone. Each week both the editor and author display the chapter(s) planned for the day on their respective computers. The editor reads the text aloud to the author, and when there are corrections, changes, and improvements to be made, they are made in real time in the editor's layout. The editor teaches the author why the changes are suggested. The author agrees or comes up with an alternate change. Once the change is accepted by both the editor and the author it is added to the manuscript.

Debut authors and seasoned authors alike love this approach to editing because it is a private tutorial tailored to the particular project and the personality of the author. It is efficient and the author learns valuable writing techniques, grammatical accuracy, and punctuation parameters during the editing process. The editor encourages the author to participate in the process, and this preserves the author's "voice" and writing style, while strengthening the author's writing skills. Positive feedback, constructive critique, and friendly knowledge-based explanations build excellent author-editor relationships and raises the author's understanding of the craft.

And each week the editor sends a PDF copy of the week's progress to the author. 

A Small Sampling of what Nightengale Press Authors say...

DallasbyLeanne022016 (2).jpg

Dallas Smith: Going Down Slow, Bench of Despair

International Ultra Marathon Runner and Iron Man Racer well into his 70's lives happily in Tennessee.

Go ahead. Send out the seventy- five page proposal. Use a nine by twelve envelope, and don’t forget the SASE. Or you could simply call Valerie Connelly at Nightengale Press. Tell her what you have in mind. Talk about cost, talk about editing.
Then she’ll take your hand and lead you through the publishing of your book. She knows how to do it inside and out. She’ll design the cover. She has the sense of design of a painter, which she indeed is. She also does the editing. We made a schedule. I called her each Sunday at one o’clock to review her suggestions for two or three chapters on each session, each sitting at our own computers talking over changes. Those calls turned into fun.
We started in March and published in October. Under her guidance, my weekly yard mowings measured off weeks of actual publishing progress rather than helpless waiting. Through a process that can be stressful and full of anxiety, Valerie was always cordial and full of good cheer. Good cheer is good, getting the work done is even better. She was a delight to work with, and so, I decided to do it all again. 
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