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What Nightengale Press Authors are saying...


Jeanette Conrad-Ellis: "The Black Diamond Series": Boys, Beauty & Betrayal, Camp Colorblind, Chemistry & Chaos, Dancing with God's Grace, Sunshine on Sunday, and Love, Secrets and Pearls.

I have benefited from Valerie Connelly's skills as a copy editor, publisher and artist, and she is an exceptional talent. When I began my literary journey, Valerie was instrumental in guiding the publication of each book in my six-book, young-adult fiction series. As a new author, I was unfamiliar with (and intimidated by) the self-publishing process; and was delighted to partner with Nightengale Press as my publishing company.  


Valerie expertly navigated each step from copyright, edit, layout, ISBN and cover design. In addition to being an exceptional copy editor, she is a very gifted artist and designed each of my book covers; patiently working with me to help bring my vision to life with her artistic talents. As a writer and artist, Valerie appreciates that most artists are sensitive about their work, and she has mastered the skill of delivering constructive literary feedback with grace.  She was one of the voices that encouraged me to re-awaken my YAF series by penning a seventh book, and I consider Valerie Connelly a gifted business woman, talented colleague and kind friend.

JC Ellis,  Author

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